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Teen Halloween 2-Sentence Creepy Story Competition BEGINS (Runs through 10-26)

Are you ready for a little un-friendly, spooky, creepy, Halloween competition? We invite Teens in grades 6-12 to submit their own horror story - the catch? It can only be two sentences long! The entries will be posted in the Teen department (anonymously) so all can enjoy the submissions, then a winner will be declared on October 27th at 4pm! The winner will receive the Halloween basket on display in the Teen Area. Please be original, and no copying of other stories found online!  Make it good: One entry per teen.

Some examples from competitions elsewhere in the country:

"There was a picture of me sleeping in my phone. I live alone."

"My sister says that Mommy killed her. Mommy says that I don't have a sister."

"I awoke to the sound of the baby monitor crackling with a voice comforting my first-born child. As I adjusted to a new position, my arm brushed against my wife, sleeping next to me."

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Tuesday, October 03
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9:30am - 4:00pm
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Portsmouth Free Public Library
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Colleen LeComte
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