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The Children's Room is closed until further notice due to construction. Story times will be held upstairs in the Mello Program Room.

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Virtual Visit to the Great Swamp Management Area

Crisp spring mornings teeming with the anticipation of sunrise contain a beautiful surprise to the observant eye. The sky dance of the American woodcock (photo by Gerry Krausse) is one of the earliest and most theatrical signs of spring. Learn all about these strange and amazing birds and the unique young forests they inhabit in Rhode Island with the RIDEM Division of Fish and Wildlife!

Teen Fiction Book Club

Join us as we discuss The Boy in the Red Dress by Kristin Lambert via Zoom.  Explore 1929 New Orleans with this mystery that takes place in a speakeasy in the French Quarter.  Books are available to borrow at the library.  Send an email to 

Slavery in the US during the American Revolution & Early Republic, 1775-1850 with Fred Zilian

The American Revolution was a partial revolution: It promised the protection of unalienable rights to some, but not all, Americans. Enslaved African-Americans were essentially disregarded. The lecture will cover the period from the beginning of the American Revolution to the beginning of the lead-up to the American Civil War (1775-1850).

Slavery in Colonial Rhode Island with Fred Zilian

Enslaved African-Americans of colonial Rhode Island lived and worked, and even sometimes prayed and played next to their white masters; however, with few if any basic human and civil rights, without ownership of their own bodies and destinies, their lives were always less than whole, less than full, less than complete, corrupted by slavery.  This lecture covers slavery in Rhode Island from its inception in 1636, the very year the colony was founded, until the beginning of the American Revolution in 1775.

Teen Fiction Book Club

Join us as we discuss Starry Eyes by Jenn Bennett via Zoom.  This book is a RI Teen Book Award honor book for 2020.  Books are available to borrow at the library.  Send an email to porlibteen@gmail.com to get a link to the discussion.  The link will be sent out the week of the book discussion.  All ages are welcomed for this discussion. 


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