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Scams & Identity Theft



One of the goals of the Consumer Protection Unit of the RI Office of the Attorney General is protect consumers from fraud and scams.  Scams are becoming ever prevalent and to make matters worse, scams have become increasingly clever and convincing.  No longer are the scams limited to international lottery offers and phony sweepstakes.  Today’s scammers are continually changing their tactics to better their chances of stealing someone’s hard-earned dollars.  As technology advances, so does the array of fraudulent schemes.


As many of these scams originate outside of the United States, we have found that often the most effective defense against such fraud is a well-informed consumer.  It is in this vein that our office has instituted an outreach program to inform Rhode Island residents about these deceptive practices so that they do not fall victim.  Our goal is to inform Rhode Islanders of the new trends being used, teach people how to avoid becoming the next victim, and encourage them to report any instances of scam or fraud to the appropriate agencies. 


This important program is designed to protect our citizens from scam artists and fraudulent practices with the best form of protection—information and education.

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