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Michael W. Mello Program Room

Session 4 of "The Island Hook-In" with Roberta Conti

Learn the craft of rug hooking if you are new to the craft or work on an existing project if you are a seasoned rug hooker at "The Island Hook-In" taught by Roberta Conti.  This session will show newcomers how to do rug hooking and get advice on starting a project of their own.  Roberta advises watching a Youtube video by Gene Shepard or a tutorial by Sara Beth Black to get an idea of the process.  This session, you can continue your new project and fine tune your new skill of rug hooking. 

Traffic Stops & More

What do you do during a traffic stop - hands on the wheel or get your registration ready for the officer?  When exactly should you call the police?  What services do the Portsmouth Police offer?  Come meet Officer Maddie Pirri of the Portsmouth Police Department to find out the answers to these questions and more.


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