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Downloadable books

NEW - If you have a touch screen device including iPod, iPhone, iPad, android tablet, Nook Color, Nook Tablet or Kindle Fire, use the app devices directions.  They will work for both ebooks and audiobooks.

Quick tips for downloading audiobooks:

On your computer go to  http://riezone.lib.overdrive.com and download Overdrive Media Console.  Click on Help on the top of the page, then choose Applications and click on Overdrive Media Console.

On http://riezone.lib.overdrive.com find your audiobook and check it out using your library card number without spaces.  iPods tend to use mp3 audiobooks, while other mp3 players can use either mp3 or WMA formats.

When you download the audiobook, Overdrive Media Console should open up automatically.  When the book is downloaded, hook up your mp3 player, iPod or other device to your computer.  You can use the Transfer button on Overdrive Media Console to move the title to your player.

Audiobooks can sometimes be returned early through Overdrive Media Console on your computer.

**If you are using an iPod touch or other touch device with access to an app store, use the Overdrive Media Console app for both e-books and audiobooks.  You are able to return ebooks or audiobooks using the app.**

For more information, go to http://riezone.lib.overdrive.com and click on the "Help" on the top menu and then click on "My Help".  Help videos are also available at http://help.overdrive.com/#